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  In private practice for over twenty years, Dr. Anderson specializes in unraveling human snarls that prevent efficient and profitable functioning in individual people, their families, family businesses and corporate teams.
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Things To Remember:
  Having a coach work with you toward your dreams and goals can be like an angel sent to save you from yourself. Many people settle for the SOS complex. They are "Sick Of Struggling" but they do nothing about it. Often a person comes to believe that's just life. You try, you struggle, then you die.

You do not have to settle! If nothing else, a good coach will remind you that you have a choice and they will do so at a time you most need to hear it. When you're caught up in the soap opera of your life, you can easily forget realities that make a difference. That's your coach's job to help you remember dreams.

Why do all winning athletes have coaches? Because they can't do it alone. Fundamental law of success in any part of life: we learn how to make great things happen. We are not born great. We develop greatness.

So to learn, you need a teacher, a mentor, a coach. Left to our own devices, few of us are able to develop our potential into success. We can not teach ourselves what we do not already know. To get better, we need coaching.

Do not limit yourself. Coaching can be effective for anyone with the desire to do more and better in any part of life: relationships, work performance, school, career advancement, physical health, or quality of lifestyle.

What is Bulletproof Coaching:
  BulletProof Coaching is a process of personal development that enables people to make changes in their lives in such a way as to sustain those changes once made. In simpler terms, how you change determines not only where you end up but, most importantly, whether or not you stay where you got. It's easy to get successful. The hard part is staying successful.

The BulletProof Coaching logo shows a figure superimposed over a circle with seven segments. That circle is the "Pie of Life" and represents the areas of human need, which if regularly met, keeps a person where they want to be in life. Needy people are anxious people and not able to manage ongoing success. The BulletProof approach not only assists you to achieve your goals but to live a higher quality of life as well.

With BulletProof Coaching you will:
  • Believe in the worth and value of yourself as someone to be cared for.

• Use your "Emotional Intelligence" as much as your other intelligences.

• Know how to sharpen your focus.

• See what you've not seen, try what you've not tried.

• "Get the car out of the ditch and moving again" as it were, rather than wasting time wondering why it slid off the road in the first place.

• Learn the strategies you need to plan and execute your plan for achievement and success.
Keys To Bulletproof Coaching:
  Coaching is not counseling or therapy. Your coach will not give you a diagnosis. Because of that there is little stigma, if any, attached to having a coach to work with you on desired goals. You will, as a matter of fact, be of interest to your friends and colleagues if you tell them you're getting coached. They will respect you for having the wisdom to realize you can't fully succeed by yourself. They will want to know how the coaching works for you because they probably want to try it themselves.

Be willing to follow the suggestions your coach makes. Most good coaches use questions to get you to consider new possibilities and strategies rather than outright telling you what to do. Keep your mind open.

Likewise, be willing to ask questions yourself. Ask your coach what you need to know to keep trusting him or her. Ask yourself what is going on inside yourself when your coach makes a suggestion or points out something you knew but forgot. Coaching is a dialogue , a conversation between two motivated individuals who have your success and best interests at heart! Keep the dialogue going.


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