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  In private practice for over twenty years, Dr. Anderson specializes in unraveling human snarls that prevent efficient and profitable functioning in individual people, their families, family businesses and corporate teams.
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Things To Remember:
  Distinguish between getting "doctored" and getting "coached". Think about the athlete again. Lance Armstrong went to the doctor to get help with cancer. When he got well, he got a team of coaches to show him how to win the Tour de France several times. Not good to get the two reversed.

If you're not sure what you need at the moment, doctor or coach, ask either one. If they're worth your money, they will be honest and tell you who is best suited to help you at the moment.

Are you "SOS" (Sick of Struggling) and ready to do something about it? I've heard folks talk about being sick and tired of being sick and tired. Some are ready to walk the walk. Others just talk. Either place is okay, but be honest with yourself: are you ready to take the risks necessary for change? Contemplating change does not need coaching. Strategic action does.

How you make changes will not only determine the success of those change efforts, but most importantly, it will determine if those changes last. That's why a coach is so useful. That person can help us get outside the Zone of Self Delusion. We may think we're making changes, but we're only fooling ourselves.
  For example: A manager once told me she was raised by dogmatic parents who saw everything as black or white. As she grew up, she realized things were not always so clear-cut, either/or. So now, she insists that her employees understand there are gray areas in situations, other options besides yes or no, right or wrong. She thought she'd changed, and maybe she had about considering other options in decision making. She sounded to me, though, as dogmatic about options as were her parents about either/or.  

Ask yourself:
  * Are you ready to take instruction, even if at first it seems odd or not what you expected?

* Are you ready to put time into this project? Significant alteration of human behavior takes at least six months of focus and sustained effort.

* Can you stand to get out and stay outside some of your comfort zones until the new zones become comfortable?

* Does good self-care appeal to you? Success at any goal requires you to be fit, in all aspects of living.

* Are you prepared to simplify? Simple is easier to keep in balance than complex and chaotic. Coaching will help you shed what is unnecessary in your life. Be ready for closet cleaning and smart load lessening.

If you have "Yes" or "I am willing" answers to these questions, chances are you're ready to accept real, significant movement toward your goal(s) with the help of a coach.

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