I free myself from this
undesirable state I'm
in not by trying to
be free, but by noticing
how I keep myself here,
in the moment I keep
myself here imprisoned in this undesirable state.


  In private practice for over twenty years, Dr. Anderson specializes in unraveling human snarls that prevent efficient and profitable functioning in individual people, their families, family businesses and corporate teams.
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Fundamentally, an assessment is a set of questions answered by the coaching client and the coach about the client. For some examples: Is this person ready for coaching and what kind of coaching? What are this person's strengths? What are their current successes? How were those achieved? What are the most needy areas of a client's life? Even so called personality tests are basically a series of questions asked of the testee.

The answers a person and their coach gives to the questions asked can be used to determine the specific nature of coaching that person receives. These questions and tests are usually administered in either pen/paper format or clinical interviewing.

You can begin to assess yourself by answering the questions here on this page. When you start working with your coach, bring these answers to his or her attention. Further assessment needs can be determined from there.

Coaching Questions:
1. If you were on your deathbed and you wanted to tell your children -- or the young people to whom you are close -- the three most important things that you've learned in your life, what would they be?

2. What gives you the greatest joy, satisfaction and renewal in your life and how could you do more of it?

3. Who are you without your job, your money? Describe in detail.

4. What activities could you add to your life that would be a source of richness and joy!

5. Think of someone you admire deeply--and explain why.

6. Do you know what it is you don't know?

7. Is there a gap between where you are and where you'd like to be?

8. Do you have clear professional goals?

9. Are you willing to focus on the present?

10. Are you interested in developing yourself?

11. Are you about to make a critical decision pertaining to your life or career?

12. Are you ambitious? Define "ambitious".

13. Are you getting the message from those around you that you need to make some changes?

14. Are you willing to work extremely hard on a temporary period of time?

15. Do you have time and resources to invest in your future?

16. Can you make sense of this concept: It's not what you're not doing that has kept from your goal(s). It's what you are doing that blocks you from achieving the success you desire that your coach will help you identify and change.

Download these questions (.pdf 36.8kb)
Download these questions (.docx 24.8kb)

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