May 2006 BulletProof Success Newsletter
A Sneaky Technique To Put You Ahead.
  Okay. Here it is,
The Sneaky Technique: sneak up on success. Make progress toward your goals as unobserved as possible. Work below the radar.

The sneaky “Millionaire Next Door” is a good example. They drive an unpretentious vehicle, often a Ford F- 150, work in a factory and live in a nondescript house. Unless they told you so (and they don’t talk about it), you’d never know their net worth has reached this level over the last 20 years.

Maybe “sneaky” carries a negative connotation for you. If you look it up in a dictionary, you find these definitions: “furtive, suspicious, marred by deception”. But look again, and the second time you also find, “marked by quiet and caution and secrecy; taking pains to avoid being observed”. Not so negative after all if you want to preserve what you’ve attained.

Some people make a lot of noise about what they are about to do or have just done, such as, “I just joined the gym and I’m getting in shape.” Or, “This legal deal I’m about to settled will put me on easy street.” Maybe they don’t verbally shout out their intentions and achievements, but they do want you to see their new Beemer or come to the big party at their big new house on high roller street, or drop names like what island their last vacation was on. Check on their progress in a few years.

Getting successful is the easy part. Sustaining success is the hard part. How success is achieved determines how long you will stay successful. Many do indeed grab the brass ring. Few hang on. The sneaky formula for sustained success in anything, large or small, is to take slow, small, steady and secret steps toward your goal(s). And keep doing it and keep doing it and keep doing it.

Be quiet, cautious and secretive about any new project until it is well under way and strong enough to endure the multiple looks it and you will get from others before they get used to the new you. Sneaky is good. It can save your success.

To Your Success, Coach Paul

The Tools of Leadership: Being Oneself
John Heider   Leadership Strategies for a New Age
"The wise leader does not make a show of holiness or pass out grades for good performance. That would create a climate of success and failure. Competition and jealousy follows.

"Emphasizing material success is the same: those who have a lot become greedy and those who have little become thieves. When you reinforce appearances, people scramble to please.

"The wise leader pays respectful attention to all behavior. Thus the group becomes open to more and more possibilities of behavior. People learn a great deal when they are open to everything and not just figuring out what pleases the leader.

"The leader shows that style is no substitute for substance, that knowing certain facts is not more powerful than simple wisdom, that creating an impression is not more potent than acting from one's center."

Your "Invisible" Resume.
Carol Kleiman   This Is Crucial To Your Work Story.
"There's a physical resume we all work o­n that is our tangible work history, but an invisible resume, which is just as crucial, goes beyond skills," said Trevor Gandy, vice president of human resources at Chubb Group of Insurance Cos., based in Warren, N.J. It has 10,000 employees worldwide.
Gandy, a human resources professional since 1993, says an invisible resume should be a record of "all those things that aren't o­n the job posting, such as how you communicate, collaborate with others, meet deadlines and work with various levels of management."

Fourteen percent of all resumes in 2005 contained lies. An untold number left out really good stuff about their authors that may have made the difference in getting that wanted and deserved job or promotion.

Give Yourself A Little Break: Turn On The Juice.
P.W. Anderson, Ph.D.   Success Requires Fuel. health
“Doctor, doctor, my body doesn’t work!” “Have you fed it lately?”
“Mechanic, mechanic, my car won’t run!” “Have you put fuel in its tank lately?”
“Geek, geek, my computer won’t run!” “Have you plugged it in lately?”

Simple. If you haven’t fed “it” lately, “it”, whatever it is, won’t perform well. That includes you, the person who desires accomplishments and success. Success coaching starts here: plug in and turn on the juice. Take good care of yourself. Fuel up the tanks, all of them. You must be in good shape in all aspects, physically, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, etc. before you can learn new tricks. In fact, more than half of the success coaching I do is leading people into better self care. Often they already know what to do to make the changes in life they want. They just didn’t have the energy and health to pull it off.

What keeps you from taking good care of yourself on a regular basis? Here are some possible reasons:

  • As a child, not shown how. No modeling or instruction in self care.
  • Grew up in an emotionally chaotic family.
  • Believe there is such a thing as "selfishness" that should be avoided.
  • Parented with shamed based and/or other abusive parenting styles.
  • Currently, do not receive permission or validation for solid self care.

    Net result for you now is that others are taken into account first and you focus on their needs. Your needs come last, if at all.


    Feeling uncomfortable reading this, makes my point. To even think about putting self first and keeping self well juiced, in good shape with the energy flowing, can evoke feelings of guilt and selfishness.

    Come on. You deserve a break. Fill yourself up, and get to work on your goals.

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