January 2006 BulletProof Success Newsletter from Paul W. Anderson, Ph.D.
Get The Success You Want and Keep It.
Here's what I have to offer you: confidence that the BulletProof approach to goal achievement works to you get the success you want, and also shows you how to keep the success you have earned. Your success is Bulletproof and resists being lost or eroded away.

Here's an analogy: you want me to build you a building the way you want it as quickly as possible. We agree on terms and I and my troops build what you want and quickly. Title transfers to you. I get paid. Happy all around. Overnight the thing falls down.

Next morning when you complain to me I say, "Well you got what you asked for and you didn't specify how long you wanted the building to stand up."

The "truth" about success coaching: how you get successful determines how long you will be successful. Build the building the slower but solid way, it will stand forever (almost). Grow up in a wealthy family you learn how to make and keep money. Win the lottery after a life of poverty, you run the risk of loosing the money and quality of life in a short few years.

In the this new year, here's to you getting and staying healthy, wealthy and wise. ----------Coach Paul

The Tools of Leadership: Force and Conflict
John Heider   Leadership Strategies for a New Age
"The leader who understands how process unfolds uses as little force as possible and runs the group without pressuring people.

When force is used, conflict and argument follow. The group field degenerates. The climate is hostile, neither open nor nourishing. The wise leader runs the group without fighting to have things a certain way. The leader's touch is light. The leader neither defends nor attacks."

Want to see this in action? Read about Meg Whitman, named the most powerful woman in American business in 2004. She understands how "keeping a gentle grip on power" pays off. Ask anyone associated with eBay.

Cheering Works.
Regan McPhee   Coaching Managers Increases Productivity vending machine-cherring
Ok, so this is a video about buying tickets for a football team (B.C. Lions), but it does illustrate the value of having a cheer leader for your efforts. A coach provides the four "C's"; Comfort, (which includes cheering), Challenge, Confrontation and Clarity.

"Everyone can use a coach, even if you've reached the pinnacle of your career, because none of us are perfect." Regan McPhee, NB Telegraph-Journal.

Janet Gets Coached and Saves Her Career
Paul W. Anderson   Prevent Career Derailment
Janet’s brilliant career was about to sink. If the constant river of negative complaints to Human Resources didn’t subside, she would soon be floated out of her job and her career beached.

To prevent Janet’s pending disaster, her superiors hired coach Bill Tidd for her. Bill is the director of the Saint Luke’s Health System Employee Assistance Program and the new Performance Plus leadership coaching program in Kansas City, MO.

“My job as coach,” says Bill Tidd, “is to take people from where they are to where they want to be.” The Harvard Business Review in November 2004 states that coaching is like “the wild west of yesteryear; this frontier is chaotic, largely unexplored and fraught with risk.” However, the feature article went on to say that the coaching process is “immensely promising” for leaders.

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