Some Tips
- Coaching is just that, a professional process that helps, not harms.

- Be willing to try. Ask for help to try smarter, not always harder.

- Ask for help from your coach on how to receive and use their feedback.

- Do your assigned homework.

- Acknowledge and reinforce all successes. Success builds success.

- Keep a log of what works and what works better.

- Bulletproof coaching is effective coaching that gets you sustained results.


  In private practice for over twenty years, Dr. Anderson specializes in unraveling human snarls that prevent efficient and profitable functioning in individual people, their families, family businesses and corporate teams.
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Things To Remember:
  Before setting out to hire your next coach, be as clear as you can about the goals you want to achieve. A good coach will help you tighten your focus on goals, but get as good an idea what you want to achieve as you can on your own.
Coaching is expertise that has been hammered into a fine art from experience. Trust your vibes. Does this person you're interviewing for the job of coach fit you as a person? Is there a fit not only in the area of desired goals, but style and personality?

Is this potential coach of yours focused on you? Do they attend to you and your needs and requests? Do not put up with a coach who acts as though they barely have time for you or are not sure you deserve their attention. Move on to a coach who remembers your name and seems pleased to use it.

Does this new coach of yours know professional boundaries? He or she should be focused on you, yes, but also detached and professional so that they how to stay objective.

If is always fair to check out several potential candidates for "coach" when you're hiring. Get referrals from people you trust. Call coaches and visit awhile. Ask all the questions you need to, including the person's way of coaching and style. Ask for people they have worked with who may be open to your query. The only caution is to not let the search for a coach replace hiring one.
Keys to Bulletproof Coaching:
  Trust is the major factor here. Can you ask your coach questions, tell him or her things you wouldn't tell another soul and show feelings that are not always pretty?

Never forget who hired whom. You can always fire your coach. At the same time, once the coaching process has begun, it is wise to finish. That's the trick, however: do you know when you're finished? If not, call a time out and redefine goals and signs of success with your coach. It is very important to know where you are in the game.

With the right coach, you should not have to guess what they are saying to you. The best coaches not only have good timing, meaning the right suggestion when you're ready for it, but they are to the point, never mean, concise, practical and what they give you works.
The right coach sticks with you, no matter what: win, lose or draw.

The right coach for you is interested in your overall success in life. Many athletes, for example, win trophies, rings and money, but lead an out-of-balanced lifestyle. As a result, they do not sustain success and lose their achieved goals. The right coach will emphasis good self-care in all areas of life and encourage you to integrate success as it is achieved into your overall lifestyle.

Good coaching does periodic review and re-evaluation of you and your situation. They never take control from you of the course of your progress.

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