Corporations Dr. Anderson has provided services for include Aventis, SBC, AT&T, Yellow Freight, E-Funds, Deluxe Check Printers, CIGNA and a variety of family owned businesses.


  In private practice for over twenty years, Dr. Anderson specializes in unraveling human snarls that prevent efficient and profitable functioning in individual people, their families, family businesses and corporate teams.
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  Dr. Anderson has worked with a variety of client individuals and corporations. Individuals include professionals, managers, CEOs, sales personnel and people whose careers are in transition. Many individuals have used his coaching to work on personal and relationship issues.

"I was scared I wouldn't be able to change. I was battling an addiction and felt trapped in my third marriage. My career was sagging. I didn't trust my decisions. Paul Anderson didn't just give me tools to use to make effective change, he helped me develop tools that worked specifically for me. With his coaching, I got out of my ‘poor me' attitude. I realized mistakes are part of the process of success. Forever grateful,"
Senior VP, international investment firm

"Celebrating my successes is now a vital component in maintaining myself. It's obvious now, but I forgot I couldn't get successful by focusing on my failures any more than a person gets rich by studying poverty. Dr. Anderson asked me if I was putting joy into my life, as if it were my choice. That was a turning point for me."
Commercial real estate developer

"For me, Paul is the white line down the middle of the road. He helps me stay on my side so I can plunge ahead without going over the edge."
Manufacture's rep, self employed

"Dr. Anderson's words seemed simple, but they changed my life. He would suddenly say to me, ‘Have you thought about this?' and I would realize that was the very thing I needed to do next."
Manager, pharmaceutical company

"It was a rocky time for me. My father had run the family business his way and that was the only right way for decades. Although he was passed his prime of sound business judgment and I was the guy to keep things moving, he was a constant interference. Dr. Anderson helped me develop strategies and confidence in myself. Instead of going to war with my dad,I developed cunning and patience. Thanks to Paul's stabilizing coaching, I saved the company and myself."
CEO, family manufacturing business

"'Thank you' doesn't seem adequate enough for what you have given me with your coaching, but it will have to do. Gracias, Mercie, Danke, Xei-Xei, etc, etc."
Owner of translation services firm

"I hate to admit it, but Paul Anderson taught me what I thought I already knew. He has a way of holding my feet to the fire until I cough up what I'm hiding from myself. He's one of my favorite people on the planet."
Attorney, self described as "young upwardly mobile star"

"Next time I'm in Kansas City, I'll try to arrange a "tune-up" with you. I will always be grateful for your assistance in my healing and my growth. I couldn't have achieved the success I have as a writer without your help, and I thank you."
Published author of several novels

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